Using Spatial Data In Elasticsearch

Delete & Recreate Index

Ok now we want to remove our suburbs index and recreate it, this time using our modified mapping. This will enable us to load the suburb shapefile and Elasticsearch will recognise and index the geometry correctly.

Delete the index

curl -XDELETE 'http://127.0.01:9200/suburbs'

Recreate the index

curl -XPUT 'http://127.0.01:9200/suburbs/'

Add the updated mapping

curl -XPUT '127.0.01:9200/suburbs/_mapping/suburb' --data @mapping.json

Finally load in all the suburbs..

python '' 'suburbs'  'suburb' '../exercise_data/Melbourne-Localities/melbourne_locality_polygon.shp' 'id' --limit 1000

While the load is running you can monitor the application behaviour by using the head, paramedic or bigdesk plugins.